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What do I bring to the beach?

Most beach house and condo units I have visited do not include linens - you are expected to bring your own, or rent them.  So, make sure to plan for that.  So, plan to bring:

What do I not need to bring to the beach?

Our beach house has lots of extras, so you do not need to bring too much.  We have picked up these things from yard sales and the sort.  For example, we have in the house:

If you want to "make a donation" to the shared stuff, we are looking for a few tennis rackets, tennis balls, bikes, and bike helmets.  Feel free to leave your book, too.

What should I NOT bring to the beach?

What do I buy at the beach?

There are several good stores in the area (IGA, Food Lion, Lowes Food, Walmart Supercenter), so you can usually wait to reach the beach before you buy some of these items:

A note about alcohol:  the state of NC has "Alcoholic Beverage Commission" stores which are the only stores that sell liquor (for your frozen drinks!).  They are not open on Sundays, and rarely are open past 9:00 p.m.  The closest location is at 59 Causeway Dr, OIB, on the island, right as you cross the bridge (next to Sharky's).  Grocery stores sell beer and wine all week (but not until noon on Sundays).

Just a few beach house rules (to help us out!)

There are some things you can do to help us make the house last a long time.  In addition to the no-smoking and no-pets rule:

To rent our beach house at Ocean Isle Beach, NC, go to our page here.

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