Rental rates for 15 Atlantic, Ocean Isle Beach

Is there a difference in the level of service or features between the "regular" and "Conrad" rental?  NO!  By contacting us first, we can get you a lower rate for the same house, service and features than if you contacted our realty company first.

Specific prices and availability are posted in our listing in Vacation Rentals by Owner, house 336938 ( ).  We use a realtor, Williamson Realty of Ocean Isle Beach, to collect rental fees and hand out/collect keys.  Please note that the realty company charges a $60 booking fee and a $75 cleaning fee.  There is also 13.75% sales tax on lodging and fees.  They also offer optional "no-hassle" damage insurance and travel insurance.

To rent our beach house at Ocean Isle Beach, NC, go to our page here.

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