Stiquito:  Advanced Experiments with a Simple and Inexpensive Robot

by James M. Conrad and Jonathan W. Mills, with additional authors

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The Stiquito robot is a small, inexpensive, six-legged robot that 
is intended for use as a research and educational tool. This book 
describes how to assemble and build Stiquito, provides information 
on the design and control of legged robots, illustrates its 
research uses, and includes the robot kit. The experiments in the 
text lead the reader on a tour of the current state of micro-robotics 
research. The hobbyist with some digital electronics background 
will also find this book challenging. 
The book includes all materials needed to build the Stiquito 
robot.  You need only tools (hobby knife, pliers) and a battery to 
complete the robot. 
The book begins with an introduction that describes the birth of 
Stiquito.  The chapters that follow describe the building process, 
its modifications, and its increased load capacity.  Other 
chapters examine designs for simple controllers to enhance the 
functionality of the robot and describe software and hardware 
designs for performing cooperative, intelligent operations. In 
addition, the book examines further research on the role of logic 
in a mobile robot's sensors, control, and locomotion; Stiquito's 
platform for AI; and simulation of a robot guided by vision. The 
book concludes with a discussion of the future for nitinol-
propelled walking robots. 
Contents: Preface  -  Stiquito Introduction and History  - Building 
Walking Robots  - Control of Walking Robots  - Using Stiquito for 
Research  -  The Future of Nitinol-Propelled Robots  - Bibliography  
-  Appendices 
328 pages. 7" x 10" Hardcover. November 1997. ISBN 0-8186-7408-3. 


Preface - by James M. Conrad 

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Stiquito, the Book, and the Kit 
   by James M. Conrad
Chapter 2: Stiquito:  A Small, Simple, Inexpensive Hexapod Robot 
   by Jonathan W. Mills
Chapter 3: Building Stiquito II and Tensipede 
   by Jonathan W. Mills
Chapter 4: Increasing Stiquito's Loading Capacity 
   by John K. Estell, Thomas A. Owen, and Craig A. Szczublewski
Chapter 5: Boris 
   by Roger G. Gilbertson
Chapter 6: A PC Based Controller for Stiquito Robots 
   by Jonathan W. Mills
Chapter 7: A M68HC11 Microcontroller-Based Stiquito Controller  
   by James M. Conrad Nanjundan Mohon
Chapter 8: A Microcontroller-Based Stiquito Colony Communications System 
    by James M. Conrad, Gregory L. Evans, and Joyce A. Binum 
Chapter 9: A General Purpose Controller for Stiquito
   by Shyamsundar Pullela
Chapter 10:SCORPIO: Hardware Design 
   by John K. Estell, Timothy A. Muszynski, Thomas A. Owen, and 
   Steven R. Snodgrass
Chapter 11:SCORPIO: Software Design 
   by John K. Estell, Christopher A. Baumgartner, and Quan D. Luong
Chapter 12: Lukasiewicz' Insect: The Role of Continuous-Valued Logic in 
   a Mobile Robot's Sensors, Control, and Locomotion  by 
   Jonathan W. Mills
Chapter 13: Stiquito, A Platform for Artificial Intelligence 
   by Matthew C. Scott
Chapter 14: Cooperative Bevaviors of Autonomous Mobile Robots 
   by Susan A. Mengel, James M. Conrad, Roger Moore, and Lance 
Chapter 15: The Simulation of a Six-Legged Autonomous Robot Guided by 
   Vision  by Paulo W.C. Maciel
Chapter 16:  The Future for Nitinol-Propelled Walking Robots 
   by Mark Tilden
Appendix A:  Biographies of Authors
Appendix B:  An Analog Driver Circuit for Nitinol-Propelled Walking 
Appendix C:  Sources for Materials for Stiquito (Yellow Pages) 
Appendix D: Technical Characteristics of Flexinol Actuator Wires  

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